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Penjualan Sedan Honda Meningkat di Februari 2018

coachbagsoutletbo – Penjualan Honda di kelas sedan mengalami kenaikan sebesar 13 persen, yaitu dari 347 unit di Januari menjadi 393 unit di Februari 2018. Peningkatan tersebut didukung oleh penjualan setiap model sedan Honda, yaitu Honda City, Honda Civic, dan Honda Accord.

All New Honda Civic Turbo memberikan kontribusi terbesar terhadap penjualan sedan Honda sepanjang Februari lalu dengan terjual 228 unit. Jumlah tersebut meningkat dibanding penjualan Januari lalu yang tercatat sebanyak 197 unit.

Produk mini sedan dari Honda, yaitu Honda City, menyumbangkan penjualan sebanyak 150 unit di Februari lalu. Penjualan ini juga meningkat dibanding bulan sebelumnya yang tercatat 140 unit.

Sementara itu, Honda Accord menambah penjualan sedan Honda sebanyak 15 unit sepanjang Februari lalu. Seperti penjualan Honda Civic dan City, penjualan taruhan online Honda Accord juga meningkat dibandingkan Januari lalu yang tercatat sebanyak 10 unit.

“Secara umum, pasar otomotif di dua bulan awal tahun 2018 ini masih cenderung stagnan, namun produk-produk sedan Honda masih dapat memberikan kontribusi yang positif terhadap penjualan kami,” kata Jonfis Fandy, Marketing and After Sales Service Director PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM).

Karena itu, kami tetap optimis untuk terus mempertahankan tren penjualan yang positif pada bulan-bulan ke depan dengan didukung penjualan produk-produk utama yang masih cukup kuat, serta penyegaran produk seperti New Honda Odyssey yang baru saja diluncurkan awal Maret ini,” imbuhnya.

Pada Februari lalu, Honda Brio Satya mencatat penjualan 3.898 unit, diikuti Honda HR-V 1.5L dengan penjualan 2.233 unit dan Honda Mobilio sebanyak 1.514 unit. Kemudian, Honda Brio RS membukukan penjualan 1.186 unit dan Honda Jazz meraih penjualan 847 unit.

Di segmen SUV, Honda CR-V terjual 814 unit dan Honda HR-V 1.8L terjual 466 unit. Masih di bulan yang sama, Honda Civic Hatchback terjual 319 unit dan Honda BR-V terjual 224 unit.

Secara keseluruhan, HPM tercatat mampu menjual sebanyak 11.894 unit mobil di sepanjang Februari 2018.

Brio and Mobilio Increase Honda’s Sales in May 2017

Interior Design of New Honda Brio

Technograph Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), claimed to have a fresh breeze in May 2017. In his note, overall sales of four-wheeled vehicles Honda from various segments rose by 13.4 percent. Marketing and After Sales Service Director HPM Jonfis Fandy, said that the positive trend is again seen in May 2017. Meanwhile, the achievement of increasing percentage sbobet judi online is obtained from sales of all models, such as Honda Brio, Honda Mobilio, Honda HR-V and Honda BR-V.

“Also other products, including new products that we launcing recently,” said Jonfis.

Honda’s low cost green car (LCGC) vehicle, the Brio Satya, was recorded as the model that gave the highest contribution in the last month compared to other models. A total of 4,531 units were successfully sold, and were the highest numbers of previous months in 2017.

For low class multi purpose vehicle (LMPV), through New Honda Mobilio also recorded an increase, which sold 3,959 units. Meanwhile, from the low sport utility vehicle segment (LSUV), also experienced similar things through the Honda HR-V 1.5L and Honda BR-V. Honda HR-V 1.5L successfully booked sales of 2,749 units and Honda BR-V stopped in 2.149 units in May 2017.

All New Honda Jazz in the hatchback segment, has increased sales of 1,243 units in May 2017. For City Car, New Honda Brio RS achieved sales of 1,205 units and Honda HR-V 1.8L posted sales of 486 units in the same month.

Two new Honda products that have just been launched, namely Honda City and New Honda Odyssey also experienced increased sales. New Honda City increased by 2017 by 191 units. While the New Honda Odyssey posted sales of 97 units.

Then, the All New Honda Civic Sedan segment increased sales by reaching 82 units. For New Honda Accord recorded sales of 31 units in May 2017 Overall in May 2017, Honda recorded sales of 16,723 units. With an increase in sales in the past month, Honda has booked sales of 84,419 units throughout 2017 at Indonesia.

Samsung Will Work Smartphone Curved Screen Four Sides

The One of Product Samsung Curved Screen

Technograph – Samsung’s curved screen, succeeded in bringing the Korean manufacturer’s great success in the market. Type of phone with two curved sides like the Galaxy S7 edge and poker online terpercaya duo Galaxy S8 user interest. Both lines of this smartphone is even reported to have contributed great revenue for the South Korean company.

Wanting to continue the success, Samsung seems to want to add this curved design on all four sides of the phone screen. Reportedly, the screen with four curved sides will slide for the Galaxy S9 next year. Not only curved on either side, but also up and down. If this is true, then the phone without the user’s desired bezel is likely to materialize. This reminds us of the ambition of mobile phone without Xiaomi Mi Mix bezel which turns out the screen is also vulnerable to cracking.

Two-sided curved design on the Galaxy S8 duo, has added a screen ratio of 83 percent larger. Although the screen is bigger, but the smartphone body is not so big bongsor so comfortable. What if the screen is curved on four sides? Samsung hopes the four-sided curved screen can add the screen ratio to at least 98 percent wider, or even more.

But this intention is not without obstacles. As reported by Android Authority of South Korea’s ETNews, Samsung Display and LG Display find technical problems in the process of screen lamination. This is what seems to be blocking the launch plan of the four-sided curved screen next year.

The lamination process itself is very important in the production of OLED display. The creation of protective screens, touch films, and other essential components, is included in this process. The problem, with the current lamination process, will make the four corners of the phone so useless. Because, these four corners can not respond to the user’s touch. Because, when the screen curved on all four sides, instead creating a blind spot in each corner.

Samsung Display originally called will use this four-sided curved screen for Apple. However, ETNews sources mention the problem of this lamination process that finally made Apple decided to order a flat OLED screen for iPhone 8.

For your information, Samsung has recently signed a two-year contract with Apple as a supplier of 92 million display panels for the 10th generation iPhone. The plan iPhone will be released September this year. The source also called Samsung and Apple bandar aduq will jointly face the problem of lamination process.

Meanwhile, LG Display is currently a supplier of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 with a curved screen. That is why they also want to solve this lamination process problem.