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Reflecting Incidents at United States, Honda Indonesia Requires Airbags

SRS Airbag directly at Honda Indonesia official car dealership

Technograph – Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), asks each of its customers to make improvements related to judi domino online SRS Airbag directly at Honda’s official car dealership. It was based on an accident incident in the United States involving the Honda Indonesia, Honda Accord, in March 2017. In his statement to us, the accident occurred when the driver’s inflatable airbag inflator expands, causing serious injury to the driver.

Based on the inspection, the SRS component of the airbag is related, it is known that the SRS airbags attached to the vehicle during the accident are not the original airbag inflator. Nor is it a replacement component of a component replacement program performed by an authorized dealer.

Meanwhile, from the history of the vehicle, was found to have crashed in April 2015 with severe damage conditions, then sold to the current owner with conditions already fixed.

SRS airbags that expands on the vehicle come from Honda Accord in 2001, and obtained from other sources, have not been confirmed. Then, mounted on the vehicle after getting into an accident in April 2015.

Therefore, Honda Indonesia, stressed that it will not be responsible for any form of accident if there is any use or installation of SRS airbag components not according to the Honda’s recommendation.

Previously, Honda Indonesia decided to attract hundreds of thousands of vehicles that have been circulating in Indonesia. The withdrawal decision was taken after there was a problem in the air bag inflator component that exaggerated in some models of Honda output.

It is suspected as a precautionary measure against the possibility, where the airbags overpower in the event of a clash. The problem is the result of excessive gas pressure, thus potentially endangering the passengers on the front. Honda Indonesia certainly has many great expectations about the safety of its car users.